Tange Seiki is the leading pioneer in developing new and unique headsets such as the Zero Stack (ZS) Semi-Integrated, the I.S. Fully Integrated, the threaded headsets that look like threadless headsets and so many more. Whether it is the ZS, I.S., Classic Cup and Cone, threaded and tapered headsets, TANGE SEIKI sets the standard for design, invention, and quality.

Bottom Bracket

Tange Seiki brings its high quality Japanese standards and manufacturing to produce the highest quality Bottom Brackets to suit any type –Tapered Square Flats, External and ISIS Drive. Tange Seiki even produces steel Bottom Brackets that are designed to prevent rusting. These are the best Bottom Brackets you will find and Tange Seiki is honored that so many customers trust Tange Seiki.


When Tange Seiki decides to make a product, it has to be the best. Tange Seiki has just introduced their new road hubs with 6 palls and very light weight. All 6 palls are on one spring so they all work together to immediately transfer all your power into the hub. NO PLAY. Pure Power. Soon Tange Seiki will be introducing it MTB range of hubs, again with 6 palls for maximum power, no play, and the greatest efficiency of any hub on the market.


Tange Seiki provides a complete range of replacement parts and accessories. From Stainless Steel Fully Sealed Bearings to economical retainer bearings to cap sets to Bottom Bracket fixing bolts. If you need the very best replacement or upgrade parts for your headsets and Bottom Brackets, Tange Seiki replacement parts are the best you can find.